Welcome, this is the page of jsTemplate.
It's a very small library (just 4k minified) written in javascript that allows you to write template file similar to PHP or ASP but using JavaScript.
The main advantage of this solution is the fact that the client's browser perform all the operations and it frees your server. Your web server has only to send a static file and it has more resources to do really important task like data access.
We developed this as an evolution from the code of StickyShare and we plan to use it for future releases.

Released ver 0.2:
  • better IE support
  • internal refactoring
  • bug fix
  • Do I need any special toolkit? no it's toolkit independent
  • Is it ready for production? at this stage is more an hack but with your help it can change
  • Is browser independent? yes it works with Mozilla and IE, we are testing with others
  • How can i check if it works with my browser? test is now!
  • How template looks like? see them!
  • Is it free (not like beer)? sure it's under MIT license
  • Where i can find it? on sourceforge or here
  • Does it really works? we hope :)
  • Any special advice? you are free to do what you want with your code but please don't use a var called _jtfOutput or write
  • I want to send money to the genius behind this! contact us!
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